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Poniatowski: gone but not forgotten

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Poniatowski logo against glass. (Photo: Maeshelle West-Davies)

Some reminiscences and answers as to what happened to Leipzig’s lively Polish hub, which died much too young.

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Love, Musketeer

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A love letter to Leipzig, from a musician that can’t help but come back.

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Me and Anna Luise – Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

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It felt good to have a banjo in my hands. I believe the last time I held one was back in 2010 when borrowing from my father’s friend.

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Buchmesse: Rollin’ with Tumbleweed

in Culture / Entertainment by

“This is a comedy, terse, sensual and romantic, with a moving love story underpinning the hero’s adventures.” – opening at Poniatowski on March 19th.

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Leipzig Events: A weekend of live music at Poniatowski, Flowerpower, Cospudner See

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There are a lot more live music events going on in Leipzig this weekend, and I don’t pretend to know or remember them all, but can give you some pointers regarding things that are brought to my attention. If you know of any other events you’d like to share, music-related or otherwise, please let us know via http://www.Facebook.com/leipglo.

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Anna and the making of Poniatowski

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With lots of hard work, some “madness” and serendipity, a “little” help from her friends and a business loan, a very glocally connected young woman took a risky career turn and managed to open her own Polish restaurant in Leipzig, honoring an ancestor she didn’t even know had been a head chef and the memory of a Polish hero, besides selling yummy pierogi and their own vodka brand, and regularly hosting a variety of cultural events. She tells some of her story on today’s LeipGlo.

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