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Street art

Robin Abramovic, the artist with he(art)

in Arts/Society
Robin Abramovic

“When you only produce art to please people, it ceases to be authentic.”

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Urban art fest and poetry slam at Leipzig Hbf

in Arts/Events
existential poems
Urban art. Public domain photo.

We’ve just figured out part of your weekend for you. You’re welcome.

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Freiimfelde‬: Empty? or a blank canvas?

in Arts/Places to see

Halle’s Freiraumgalerie is always open…

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Intercontinental art-hopping and my quest for the familiar

in Arts/Travel

Nowadays I mostly look for small specialized museums (such as the German film museum in Berlin, film being one of my passions) or the old-factory-turned-art-gallery type. Because in the latter, I can easily and quickly move from the inside to the outside and back in – without having to go through a labyrinth of myriad art eras.

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Arts and Culture: Quintessenz, Everything is borrowed

in Arts/Events
IBug 2015 Quintessenz photo maeshelle west-davies

How can you be original in today’s society of visual overload?

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#IBUgDIARY 2015 Day 3…we are family

in Arts
miez wars and fogeljunge at IBUg2015 photo: maeshelle west-davies

If it’s pretty, is it art? Or does it have to create a dialogue? IBUg artists collaborate

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