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Blood marrow donor sought for local leukemia patient

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Copyright-free image from Pixabay.

Colleagues of Martina Wende, gardener at the University of Leipzig’s Botanischen Garten, have sent out an appeal for people to register as blood marrow donors to try to save her life.

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Podcast: Hypepzig in history

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Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf
Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf

The historian featured has been led and also chosen to build his life and career in his native Leipzig, to make it his homebase while traveling to conferences and meetings globally.

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Two cities, one love

in Arts/Leipzig
Tale of two cities Facebook event cover photo

Touched by the story of a Mexican student she met at the Berlin Wall, a Chinese student in Leipzig decided to launch a project asking people to submit photos of Leipzig and other cities to be displayed side by side; the resulting exhibit, a melange of contrasts, conflict and peace from around the world, will debut at Uni Leipzig July 6th and run until the 12th.

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An Early Summer Night’s Eve in Leipzig, Act II (with photo gallery)

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This is the second part of our glocal live music expert’s explorations on an early summer Friday night in Leipzig: an account of her visit to the birthday party of Uni Leipzig’s radio station and review of the concerts there, ending with plenty of tips for what to do on the balmy nights yet to come in Leipzig.

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