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Poniatowski open mic welcomes diverse languages and styles

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“Our Open Mic is an event that takes place at regular intervals at Leipzig venues. It gives everyone the chance to hit the stage – just tag along to read your poetry and stories or perform your music live. And of course you can perform other people’s work as well. “Come join us! “You will…

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Viola: A brave mother’s last seconds of life

in Poetry by

The following poem, ‘Leroy and Viola,’ was written after I read a newspaper article about a white woman named Viola Gregg Liuzzo, who sacrificed her life for the American Civil Rights movement, and her companion on that fateful day, African American freedom fighter, Leroy Moton. I had the honor and privilege of speaking with Mr.…

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Confessions of a voiceover artist-turned-entrepreneur

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“The weird thing about voicing an advert is that at the point you think you sound ridiculous, you are actually about right. What you hear in your head sounds so over the top, but when dropped into the mix of images and music, it just fits. Voice artists live in a world of make believe and yet must believe in it with absolute honesty.”

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