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Paris Attacks: Notre solidarité avec Paris — This horrific event is a game-changer

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Our solidarity with the victims of this horrendous event.

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4 myths about refugees and asylum-seekers

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Photo: Magdalena Lagaleriade >> http://bit.ly/1oDdK3H

The very complicated facts of Asylpolitik, explained here, easily debunk the xenophobic myths that have been circulating around.

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Review: “Bowlingtreff”

in Culture / Entertainment/History/Leipzig/Movies by

What if I told you the abandoned building you pass by everyday was once revolutionary and palace-like inside?

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The Sheikh and the City

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Thinking of Leipzig I thought of learned middle-aged men, feverishly working printers and book publishers, and a gallant beau monde. Times seemed to have changed and I should have known.

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#BullshitRadar: The politics of making a “threat”

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Using German legalese and quotes from the constitution to argue for charges to be pressed against Merkel for “people smuggling”, the AfD wanted to communicate to their frustrated supporters that this party is a party of deeds. Why this “deed” at this time?

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Finding traces of a dead East German prince in Egypt

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“Mighty columns, giant statues, massive walls, and everything covered with the finest hieroglyphs and reliefs. I was, of course, deeply impressed, and so was Pückler-Muskau, so much so that he left a deep impression on the building, literally…”

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