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Why being ordinary isn’t that bad

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Besides enjoying roaming freely in anonymity, I see being ordinary as a form of resistance. http://leipglo.com

Besides enjoying the benefits of roaming freely in anonymity, I see being ordinary as a form of resistance.

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#Black Lives Matter: understanding structural racism

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Recent events in the United States have us asking questions. We are not talking about a few rogue racist cops here.

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Terrorism in Europe: remembering the IRA

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Thinking back on the rash of terrorist attacks by so-called Christians in the hearths of the UK in the 1970s might help put things into perspective.

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With friends like these

in Glocal/Society by

Graduation, Veneto style: The insults in the papiro are sometimes biting, the secrets divulged are intentionally embarrassing, but I will admit that watching left me feeling a bit jealous.

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When the queer and refugee struggles meet

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Homo-, inter- and transphobia have poisoned our communities through deeply digging its trenches into structures and institutions. Our response to this cannot be narrow-minded and racialized, but has to be a thorough and bold stance against discrimination as a whole. "When queer and refugee issues meet" (http://leipglo.com)

Prejudice against queer communities is not installed in certain cultures and foreign to others, but a global power structure.

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Hipsteritis: Symptoms checklist

in Philosophies/Society by

Are you a hipster, too? Read this to find out.

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