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Dresdner 59: Reudnitz’s multicultural hub

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Community events mural outside Dresdner 59. (Photo: Ana Ribeiro)

On 24 August, the community center at Leipzig East will spotlight Irish culture.

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My weekend in Leipzig: from Reudnitz to Connewitz

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Last Saturday, I donned my rain-defying tights, torn denim shorts, tank-top and jacket sans hoodie, jumped on my bike and spent much of the afternoon and part of the evening at Reudnitz’s Sonderposten and surroundings. I could already hear the samba drums when approaching Lene-Voigt-Park where that community fest took place, and once there, I was pleasantly…

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April 11: SonderpOSTen arts community fest in #Leipzig

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Mark your calendars: April 11 is a good Saturday to visit Reudnitz. There will be a street festival going on at Lene-Voigt-Park that day, organized by Sonderposten Kunst & Kreativmarkt. It’s a good opportunity to experience cool things while supporting local businesses. Expect to find food, music, arts and crafts, films and more, from 11 a.m. to…

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