Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf
Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf

Leipzig Events: Call for short films for July “wandering festival” at Leipzig west

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IMG_2309I’d forgotten I spotted and took a picture of this announcement the other day. Thank goodness I decided to clean out my smart phone and ran across it; because this is an interesting concept I’d like to share with you, and only now did I look up what the event actually is. Next July 18, a “wandering film festival” will take place in Leutzsch, a district on the west side of Leipzig that recently hosted a Straßenfest. The “wandering” part means that people will go from place to place across the district watching the short films selected for the event. It’s called Kurzfilmwanderung, a non-commercial alternative fest that apparently has happened before in Leipzig and elsewhere in Germany. If interested in participating, you’ve got 4 weeks from today to come up with a short film, of any genre or subject, of up to 20 minutes. The deadline to submit is Saturday, June 20. For participation forms and more info, visit https://kurzfilmwanderungleipzig.wordpress.com.

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