Manchester in August 2016. @Ana Ribeiro
Manchester in August 2016. @Ana Ribeiro

10 songs for the beginning of a relationship


Ah, the flutter. The excitement. The addiction. Inspired by our dating column, I decided to dig into my memory in search of songs to play for different moods or situations in the early stages of a relationship or fling. Remember the rush… or are you experiencing this at the moment?

I’m not saying you should necessarily play these songs to your romantic prospect – though you certainly can if you want to. But if you’ve just found a hot little number, it could perhaps give you some inspiration or extra sighs or tingling spells when thinking about it. Or evoke bittersweet memories. Or perhaps some of the songs will make you cringe. Actually, it’s very likely they will.

Forgive me if the YouTube list is 90’s-heavy. It’s just because back then, in my teenage years, I had lots of crushes (a different one every week, I would say), and would find songs for almost all of them. Some of the songs still remind me of those short-lived dalliances that had a lot more to do with myself than with the boys on the other end. Those poor boys often had no idea they were running through my head all day, chased by some bad pop song.

All you need is a love song

1. For the blind admiration

2. For the forbidden romance

3. For the rebound

4. For the coffeeshop pickup

And once you’re in there…

5. For the fall

6. For the relationship talk

Creative moves, anyone?

7. For the indecent proposal

8. For the booty call

9. For the clouded infatuation

10. For the unexpected hookup at the club

If you think anything else should be added to this list, give us a shout (and link) in the comments section.

“I’ve been so many places in my life and time. I’ve sung a lot of songs, I’ve made some bad rhymes. I’ve acted out my life on stages, with ten thousand people watching… but we’re alone now and I’m singing this song for you.” – Playing in my head as sung by Karen Carpenter.

Updated 9 Feb 2023

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