Where to meet your next date in Leipzig

Last time I gave you an inside on special outdoor dating places. Now, it’s time to turn our attention to the places where you can actually meet these dates.

We all know the usual occasions where people are supposed to meet potential partners. The all-time favorites are, guess where… at work and through mutual friends. It also happens quite often, that people joining the same clubs for their hobbies take a shine towards each other. Not to forget online dating! Several websites give singles – or those who would like to be one 😉 – the opportunity to meet like-minded people. And it works! Almost every third couple met online! But if you don’t wanna tell your future/prospective kids that you found your wife/husband on eHarmony or Parship, I have other extraordinary and somewhat romantic tips for you…


“New in town” groups

You just moved or would like to meet new people in your town? Then join one of these Facebook groups (in Leipzig it is “Neu in Leipzig”). People from all over the world meet in these groups as well as many locals looking for new friends. Although it is not necessarily meant for singles, they tend to represent the largest crowd within these communities! During one of the numerous activities offered there, you will quickly sozialize with some of them. You can look forward to activities such as bowling, sports activities, barbecue in the park, cultural events and clubbing. If there aren’t many such offers in your town, don’t hesitate to offer them yourself! Others might just be waiting for it. The special bonus at these meetings: the atmosphere is so much different from online dating encounters, since dating is not usually the primary reason people join these activities. So make sure, you are also not recognized as a desperate remainder at first sight. Try to make meeting interesting people your primary goal. If somebody special happens to be among them… lucky you!

supermarket-732281_640At the supermarket

Would’t anyone of us like to meet their partner at the supermarket checkout? So why hesitate? Just go for it! Since this idea is really romantic, the chances you’ll get an embarassing rejection are quite low! At first, you should figure out what quantity of food the center of your attention puts into his/her shopping basket. If there is no baby milk and family packs inside, but the small single packages look like this person only shops for one, give it a try! You could just ask for a recommendation of a particular product this person happens to grab or is standing in front of and hope that this small talk offers a chance to exchange numbers. You could also just grab a bottle of wine and ask the nice lady/guy standing next to you, if she/he would like to empty this bottle with you? Or you just go the straight way. Try to get eye contact, start smiling and if a NICE! smile wanders back to you, just tell the person that she/he grabbed your attention and that you would like to get to know her/him. It might not work every time, but one or two strikes should be involved. In Leipzig I can recommend Rewe at the Connewitzer Kreuz and Aldi in the Südvorstadt. 🙂


You are a good singer or just like to sing? Visit a karaoke bar or party (in Leipzig: Kakadu Karaoke Club) ! Some people go there to be on stage performing with their amazing voices, others just go there to have fun and meet people. If you spot an interesting person on stage, don’t hesitate to tell that person afterwards that you really enjoyed his/her singing, or that you really like this song and also thought about singing it. But since this song was “stolen,” he/she owes you a duet now! The chances of a rejection are barely there, believe me! Then it’s on the both of you to find a duet you agree on, and when on stage, the chances of some sparks happening between you are surely there!


Other locations to meet many potential singles on the prowl:

Language classes – flirting is a language we all understand. 😉
Salsa classes – find out if you move in the same direction. 🙂
Clubbing – make sure you visit clubs that are not too big and where people your age go to! In Leipzig Elsterartig and Altes Landratsamt are good places for singles.
The outdoors – locations where you can sit together, drink and listen to music in warm weather, such as parks, bridges (Sachsenbrücke in Leipzig) and lakes (all especially in the evening).

Last but not least (definitely “outside the box” thinking):

Mitfahrgelegenheit/ride sharing: many singles use this kind of transportation; you have the same destination that day, and might find out you also have the same destination in your future.

LoveLy is in her early thirties, lives in Leipzig and is experiencing single life in this bubbly town. She will give you an inside into her dating culture experiences.

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