Leipzig Events: Lose or find yourself in a variety of activities this weekend


Thanks for these event posts by reader Marjon Borsboom. These look like fun.

23 August Familienrenntag at Scheibenholtz Racecourse

A day at the races for the whole family, with lots of fun for young children http://www.scheibenholz.com/termine/23-august-2015/

24-30 August Festwoche 800 Jahre Miltitz

Miltitz has been part of Leipzig since 1998, but during this week the locals celebrate their 800 year existence as an independent community. More info (in German)

maeshelle’s tips:

20 – 22 August  Judith Miriam Escherlor & Ulrike Hischke – Infinity @ Potemka

Potemka Summer Special Part III – Vernissage: Thur 20.08 from 7.00. Two female artists from Dresden and Leipzig – both studied in the “Meisterklasse” and will show Photography and Object Art

christian holze & alexander lorenz - selbstkollisionen at drei ringe gallery
christian holze & alexander lorenz – selbstkollisionen at drei ringe gallery

21 – 23 August  Christian Holze & Alexander Lorenz – Selbstkollisionen @ Galerie Drei Ringe

Opening 21.8. 20.00 –> DJ music and drinks <–

open: Sun  10.00-17.00

22 August  Lass Uns Freunde Sein @ Alte Damenhandschuhfabrik

▬▬ Line Up ▬▬

Alfred Heinrichs (official) // supdub rec. / moonplay / cubeplus // Berlin

ANIÈ // supdub rec. / cubeplus // Leipzig

Steven Beyer // supdub rec. / moonplay / cubeplus // Berlin

Beatamines // einmusika / kiddaz agency

Tony Casanova // Heulsuse / Kiddaz Agency // Berlin


Bebetta // Monaberry // Berlin

Marcel Knopf/ Clap your Hands / Mo’s Ferry // Berlin

KleinschmagerAudio // Rrygular / Dreikommanull // Leipzig

Freak de Philipè // null4277 Leipzig / Sparte 13 // Laucha

the market

23 August  The Market @ Täubchenthal

If you haven’t been yet, you should definitely go. There’s a great vibe- very chill. Lots of things to do and see, or just hang out on the deck….a have some cocktails.

Kulturbeitrag 1,50…support your brothers in spirit

  • The Market from noon to midnight

    Wachsmuthstr.1, 04229 Leipzig, Germany

Marjon is Dutch and came to Leipzig in August 2013 with her family, because her husband got a job in the area. At the time she still had her own copywriting company, producing Dutch texts for websites, press releases, brochures, etc. She is an avid social media user and a passionate (digital) networker. Marjon has a degree in tourism management, which partially explains why she is always on the look-out for interesting Leipzig events and attractions.

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