Sofar and yet, so near


I knew Sofar (sounds from a room) Sounds was happening, but I was so busy with other things that I had decided to be disciplined and work on my to-do-list. Little did I know then that my to-do-list was to be altered by unforeseen circumstances. Once a year, the fire marshall comes to my building, and we have to move anything out of  the stairway. He was due on Monday. It was Sunday, and I wanted to take the coffee/tea cups that were in the Geschenkebox to Helmut. So, on my way from one working location to another, I thought I’d drop them  off. With my usual non-concept of time, I figured the scheduled event would be winding down, and I could just pop in and out. WRONG – it was wall to wall!

I saw a guy carrying a plastic trash can with an ikea silverware container attached to it – with electrical ties – and another electrical tie threaded through some bottle caps. I decided to stay for a little while.

As for Sofar, the basic concept here is to experience secret intimate concerts  with quality musicians on a donation basis.

The venues are always small and usually limited to about 35 people. The next one is tomorrow. I’m can’t wait to see whether I will get in, and where the secret location will be.

I missed the first band of the last show due to turning up late, but they were described to me as a German Disney act. They’re called ‘Karl die Grosse’, and you can judge for yourself.

Next up was Richie Rose & Bros. They teetered between 80s film music with its heavy saxophone and King Kong funkiness. Nice groove.

Last was the duo, ‘Oh EOS’. One guy on machine and one girl on vocals. She’s no Whitney Houston, but she is a modern Diana Ross with her soft soulful voice.


Artist, curator and writer: maeshelle west-davies gleans her varied life experiences to expose a personal perspective through a multitude of mediums.

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