A couple authentic eateries in Leipzig


I’ve always hated places like Applebee’s. They remind me more of theme parks than places to dine. I prefer a place that makes the most of their surroundings and then focuses on quality food and drink to create an authentic atmosphere. This month I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing two, one in the east and one in the south west. Both times I went with a good friend and had meaningful and meaningless conversations.

Good food. Good wine. Good company. Good atmosphere. It doesn’t get better than that.

authentic desert at anna rosa

Authentic Italian:
Trattoria Anna Rosa

Literally the best antipasti zucchini I’ve ever put in my mouth, it had a slightly charred flavour enhanced by olive oil and retained just the right texture. They had a good selection of pastas and pizzas with plenty of vegetarian options. The dessert was TO DIE FOR. If you are like me, you don’t really like German dessert. It’s bread that they do so well. The ones we had at Anna Rosa were light with mouth watering flavour and, again, just the right texture.

authentic bustamante

Authentic Spanish:
Casa Bustamante

(Update: Sadly, this place closed the year after this article was written.)

Spanish wine and tapas at their best for sure. I really loved the outdoor seating area in the back and the Flamenco music. It is like you are in an Andalusian alcove with a mix of brick and large cerulean blue washed wooden doors. They also have a BnB and it’s the perfect place for a classy, but down to earth wedding dinner. It would be a great place to go for the weekend and it’s right next to a beautiful park. What they lacked in vegetarian options, they made up for in wine selection. I must say being outside was easier for me because of the dried pig legs they had hanging inside. But I wasn’t shocked like I was when I saw the same thing on my first visit to Spain so many years ago.

I’d love to find more of these authentic little hidden places. Anyone know of any French or other spots where I can pretend to be on vacation? I do love Cafe Wagner’s courtyard and the food is yummy, but it’s a bit pricey and I’d like to find more places where you can see the owner face to face.

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