Ideas for hot Leipzig dates in winter

Updated: 30 November 2019

We’ve suggested you dating itineraries for different occasions. Now it’s time to specifically tackle winter, which can be a bit trickier – what with slippery sidewalks and times when it snows sideways and into your face. It’s perhaps not so easy to meet people or want to make the effort to carve a romantic connection (or even a path to the bar). But once you’ve obtained the willpower, the digits and the guts, how do you get “Hottie of the Season” to leave the house and share some of their warmth with you?

Here are some ideas for winter-time dates to get you on your way to certain bliss here in frozen – but still grungily sexy – Leipzig.


Snow walk at Clara Zetkin Park: Note that it’s not “slush walk” or “ice walk.” There should be real snow, of the kind that stays on the ground for a while, rather than a muddy, soggy mess that could kill all romance (e.g. having to concentrate not to fall on your ass, rather than on each other’s words). With that said, a snow walk in the park could be a magical experience under the right conditions, your personal winter wonderland. Be smart and survey the scene beforehand. You get extra points if some flakes, though not too many, are still falling as you walk through with Hottie… preferably holding hands.

Jazz evening: This one is good for dates happening any season, but perhaps especially attractive in winter. To me, sax and winter simply go together somehow. A jazz night out combines a dapple of sophistication with the chance for a nice buzz that may bring you physically closer to each other. Be it a music- or alcohol-induced buzz, or both, it should be just in the right measure so you can still be charming and witty (meaning not too loud and not too drunk). It’s hard to go wrong with live jazz, and you’re in luck: There are regular performances in Leipzig. Check out the Jazzblub Live calendar to see who’s playing where and when.


Movie theaters that double as bars: I am purposely staying away from theater shows and formal music concerts in this post, because I think you should be able to talk to each other as much as possible during the wooing stage. The only exception would be watching a movie (in silence, please) for a maximum of two hours, with also a nice bar in the venue where you can chill before and/or after your date. For this, I recommend either die naTo in Südvorstadt or Schaubühne Lindenfels in Plagwitz. A plus is that they often play movies in the original version. Another is that there’s plenty to do around both of them if you want to venture out there and keep extending your date. There are enough events going on to be spontaneous but not at a loss.


Dancing cheek-to-cheek: There are so many opportunities for couple dancing these days in Leipzig. You can even make the dancing date into regular dates if you decide to take lessons together. (We recommend Baileo Tanzschule.) But maybe first you’d like to dip your toe in during an evening, and see where it leads. Salsa Tobar, for one, organizes salsa nights on Fridays at Chocolate. Barfusz holds a salsa course and party every Wednesday.

There seems to be a salsa mania going on in Leipzig, but if you prefer other dances, you could try out swing. I heard about SwingConnection from a LeipGlo guest writer who really enjoys the group; they teach lessons as well as organize events. Noels Ballroom also hosts lindy hop lessons each week.

Not into dancing? You can also just watch, and still get some sensual energy flowing.


Ice-skating: It can be fun, and even romantic, if you’ve got the proper clothes and a minimum sense of balance. If one is a better ice-skater than the other, it can also be nice, because hand- and arm-holding will probably be required to remain vertical. (Though, after a while, that can get tiring.) I know that Eisarena in Taucha is open for public ice-skating in autumn and winter. In the city center, an ice-skating rink tends to pop up at Augustusplatz – along with other winter-themed attractions and of course the Christmas Market (plenty of options in the latter category elsewhere in the city too).

Vernissages: New and exciting art, special events, artist talks, and sometimes free wine and snacks are available at these exhibit openings. An opportunity to broaden horizons, and to impress Hottie by having read up online on the exhibit beforehand. Hopefully Hottie is not an art connoisseur who will call your bluff. In that case, just let Hottie do the talking and imbibe their words. Check out our Curated Monthly art event listings to get your bearings in Leipzig’s thriving Kunst scene.

Got any ideas yourself for hot dates in winter? Let us know on social media!

A Global Studies doctoral degree holder and former newspaper reporter, avid eater, pseudo-philosopher and poet, occasion-propelled singer, semi-professional socializer, movie addict, Brazilian-American nomad. In this space, she will share some of her experiences and (mis)adventures regarding various topics, with special attention to social issues.

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