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Christmas markets (Weihnachtsmärtke) are one of Germany’s most beloved traditions, and the season runs from now until December 23rd. If you like the concept and are going to be in Leipzig for it, you’re in luck because there are plenty of options to browse or choose from. But hurry, because some of them are on only for a day or two.

Here’s a list of the 16 (!) Christmas markets Stadt Leipzig and readers tell us about for the 2019 season; entry is apparently free unless otherwise specified.

Feuerzangenbowle stand at the Leipzig Christmas Market.
Feuerzangenbowle stand at the Leipzig Christmas Market. Public domain photo


Leipziger Weihnachtsmarkt

Where: City center

When: 26/11-23/12/2019
Sunday through Thursday, 10:00-21:00
Friday and Saturday, 10:00-22:00

What: “The tradition of the Leipzig Christmas Market goes back to the 15th century. Due to its unique cultural and gastronomic offers in the middle of the historic old town, it has acquired an almost legendary reputation. With around 300 stalls, it is one of the largest and most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany.”

WGT 2019
WGT 2019. Photo: David Simon

The Dark Xmas Markt

Where: Moritzbastei, Kurt-Masur-Platz 1, 04109 Leipzig

When: Sunday, 01/12/2019, 13:00-19:00

What: “The Christmas Market for the gothic scene – Handmade Christmas gifts and deco.”


Weihnachten am Kreuz

Where: Werk 2, Kochstraße 132, 04277 Leipzig

When: 13-22/12/2019
Friday opening day, 16:00-22:00
Monday through Thursday, 14:00-21:00
Friday and Saturday, 13:00-22:00
Sunday: 13:00-21:00

What: “Numerous stalls invite you to the grounds of Werk 2 for a Christmas stroll. [The market] features fine treats, lovingly prepared mulled wine and a diverse and creative range [of crafts] from jewelry, graphics and wooden toys to all sorts of fragrant ones. For children, fairy tales and theatrical performances are offered. There is an extensive cultural program.”

Veganer Weihnachtsmarkt

Where: Feinkost, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 36, 04275 Leipzig

When: Saturday, 14/12/2019, 11:00-20:00

What: “The vegan Christmas market offers sweet and savory delicacies that do not require any animal ingredients. There are also fire shows and craft stands, with small and fairly produced, mostly ecological gifts for loved ones. Various information stands also show the different facets of a vegan lifestyle. [This market sets an example by showing that] Christmas traditions and gastronomy can exist even without the suffering and exploitation of animals, thus flourishing again and leading to a truly contemplative feast.”

Advent season goodies
Advent season goodies. Photo: Chrissy Orlowski

Adventsmarkt in der Dölitzer Wassermühle

Where: Dölitzer Wassermühle, Vollhardtstraße 16, 04279 Leipzig

When: Sunday, 01/12/2019, 13:00-18:00

What: “Lovely market stalls, craft supplies for children, homemade mulled wine, Kräppelchen, soup from the goulash canon, children’s bakery and trombone choir, Stollen from Kleinert bakery, and maybe a few snowflakes await you on the afternoon of the 1st Advent! Welcome!”


Felsenkeller Weihnachtsmarkt 2019

Where: Felsenkeller, Karl-Heine-Straße 32, 04229 Leipzig

When: 28/11-23/12/2019
Monday through Friday, 14:00-21:30
Saturday, 11:00-21:30
Sunday, 11:00-20:00

What: “The lovely historic Christmas market in the open area of the Felsenkeller venue in Leipzig-Plagwitz. Around 20 stalls offer the finest Advent atmosphere in this trendy district of Leipzig.”

Weihnachtsmarkt Böhlitz-Ehrenberg

Where: Freiwillige Feuerwehr Böhlitz-Ehrenberg, Schönauer Landstraße 2A, 04178 Leipzig

When: Saturday, 30/11/2019, 14:00-20:00

What: “The Bürgergesellschaft [citizens’ group] Böhlitz-Ehrenberg presents for the fourth time the Böhlitz-Ehrenberger Christmas Market.”

Advent candles
Advent candles. Photo: MusikschuleMOI via

Weihnachtsmarkt Hospiz Advena

Where: Hospiz Advena, Birkenstraße 11, 04177 Leipzig

When: Tuesday, 03/12/2019, 15:00-18:00

What: “On December 3rd 2019, the traditional Christmas market will take place in the courtyard of the Advena Hospice from 3 to 6 pm [with proceeds from sales going entirely to the hospice]. A few years ago, volunteers at the hospice set up the Christmas market to [thank its supporters and] give the seriously ill residents, their relatives and friends, the opportunity to enjoy a pre-Christmas atmosphere. Visitors can look forward to Christmas gift ideas, Advent treats… Christmas music, lights and mulled wine.”

Advent in den Hinterhöfen Kleinzschochers

Various locations – check out the program
B16 -Baumannstraße 16
Café Ella – Hirzelstraße 34
Erfinderkinder – Dieskaustraße 23
Kräuterladen – Windorfer Straße 44
P9 – Pörstener Straße 9
Atelier vom Wolf – Creuziger Straße 2/ Ecke Dieskaustraße
Alte Handesschule, Gießerstraße 75
Taborkirche – Windorfer Straße 45 A

When: Sunday, 15/12/2019, 14:00-18:00

What: “For the third time, Kleinzschocher locals, with the support of the Bürgerinitiative Kleinzschocher, are organizing an afternoon of Advent time in various backyards and places in Kleinzschocher. In addition to the places themselves, there are delicious Christmas cookies, play and craft fun, musical talents, the legendary paper theater ZSCHO, (Christmas) rarities from private households and, of course, homemade mulled wine (with and without alcohol) to discover. In a warm atmosphere, neighborhood meets guests from near and far. At the end of the evening there will be a concert in the Taborkirche.”


Forum Adventus 2019

Where: Gohliser Schlösschen, Menckestraße 23, 04155 Leipzig

When: 29/11-01/12/2019
Friday, 29/11, opening from 18:00-22:00
Saturday, 30/11, 11:00-18:00 (2 EUR entry fee)
Sunday, 01/12, 11:00-18:00 (2 EUR entry fee)

What: “Pre-Christmas sales exhibition in the castle (ground floor in the main building) and in the garden arcade. The Forum Adventus invites Gohliser Schlösschen’s circle of friends, big and small, to contemplate and celebrate the holy family.”

Nativity scene
Nativity scene. Public domain photo

Adventsmarkt im Kulturhof Gohlis

Where: Kulturhof Gohlis, Eisenacher Str. 72, 04155 Leipzig

When: 30/11-01/12/2019
Saturday, 30/11, 13:00-20:00
Sunday, 01/12, 11:00-18:00

What: “On the 1st weekend of Advent, an Advent market will take place for the fourth time in Kulturhof Gohlis. During a tour, visitors can explore the newly created infrastructure on the site. There are stands with lovingly made, tasteful and exquisite gift ideas, fine dining… with homemade delicacies, small concerts, and crafts for young children.”

Weihnachtsmarkt im Gohliser Wannenbad

Where: Gohliser Wannenbad, Georg-Schumann-Straße 116, 04155 Leipzig

When: Sunday, 01/12/2019, 14:00-18:00

What: “On December 1st, 2019, there will again be a small Christmas market in the Gohliser Wannenbad. Around the fire bowl and the Christmas tree there [are crafts like] pottery… hot punch and of course coffee and cake [and more]. Everyone who brings their own cup will receive the punch at a reduced price and good conscience for free.”


Weihnachtsmarkt in der Mühlstraße

Where: Mühlstraße 14, Mühlstraße 14, 04317 Leipzig

When: Sunday, 08/12/2019, 14:00-19:00

What: “Small, elegant Christmas market in the socio-cultural center Mühlstraße 14. On offer are sweets and delicacies, nice food from the grill, mulled wine, punch and more. Merchants offer handmade, fair-traded and regional products [and there is an elves workshop and Santa Claus].”

Stötteritzer Adventsmarkt

Where: Gutshof Stötteritz, Oberdorfstraße 15, 04299 Leipzig

When: Sunday, 01/12/2019, 11:30-18:00

What: “Artists and creatives of the district present themselves with different stalls. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, the Advent market in Stötteritz offers a familial atmosphere in which craftspeople, artists and even children participate with a stand.”

Christmas markets
Christmas decorations. Public domain photo

Weihnachtsmarkt am Schloss Schönefeld

Where: Schloss Schönefeld, Zeumerstraße 1, 04347 Leipzig

When: Sunday, 01/12/2019, 11:00-18:00

What: “On the first Advent Sunday… in front of a festively decorated castle, there are numerous stalls, a variety of delicacies and handcrafted products as well as information stands, a small stage program and exciting offers for children.”

Hof-Advent Liebertwolkwitz

Where: Liebertwolkwitz (Hofgenossenschaft Stiftsgut Liebertwolkwitz), Liebertwolkwitzer Markt 11, 04288 Leipzig

When: 14-15/12/2019 (Saturday and Sunday), all day (time unspecified)

What: “Let yourself be invited to the Hof Advent at the historic Liebertwolkwitzer Markt [featuring about 20 stalls]. Here you can visit the most diverse artisan taverns from bygone eras, [beyond] the shopping frenzy of the big city, in the light of pre-Christmas lights. [This includes] distillers and master craftspeople, potters, perfumers… and many more. Your children will visit the cozy Kaspertheater in the distillery cellar, do crafts in one of the small workshops or have fun with the historic children’s carousel. Whether it’s smoked meat from the local butcher, salmon on an open beech fire, mulled wine from the cauldron or the scent of fresh bread from the farm bakery – food and drink are also on offer. Linger in this fairytale idyll [until the end of the day].”

Christmas lamps. Public domain photo.
Christmas lamps. Public domain photo

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NOTE: We do not assume responsibility for any information Stadt Leipzig has provided on its website, including prices, dates and times. You can find the original, German version of the info here.

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