Björk’s “Cornucopia” and the dream of a sustainable future


Like her character in "Dancer in the Dark," Björk turns a tragedy into a musical in "Cornucopia." The iconic genre-bending artist is able to stare over the edge of the cliff with a stubborn hope as we all hurtle towards it. We attended her concert in Leipzig on 24 November and share our insights with


5 Things to Do In: Leutzsch

“5 Things to Do In” is a new series highlighting the best of the best in Leipzig’s neighborhoods. Let us know what kiez we should visit next, or where in Leutzsch we missed, by writing I’ve lived in Leutzsch for five years now, and when I meet someone else who is not originally from


Supporting pollinators in Leipzig

Find out what actually does and doesn't help your local ecosystem by taking a closer look at one of its main engines: Pollinators are all around us in Leipzig and they can use a lot of help with their diet.


Linda Marwan asks: “Do lizards dream of a higher purpose?”

Do lizards dream of a higher purpose?" by Linda Marwan, on display in Reudnitz, considers the relationship between humans, nature and AI.


Insider guide to the lakes around Leipzig


It looks like the weather will remain good for the next couple of weeks… perhaps it is time to do a little exploring.


Schreberish: a new appreciation for old gardens


Cities are captivating. There is an abundance of activity within them, with a constant commotion and busyness. But this busyness is precisely why cities can be overwhelming and claustrophobic. I’ve lived in multiple cities, but Leipzig is exceptional among them because of its numerous parks and gardens. I was always of the false mindset that

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