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From Leipzig.Travel:

On 25 September, a super cool event for filmmakers and video enthusiasts will take place in Leipzig, courtesy of Leipzig.Travel. It’s a special class on crafting professional travel videos, as part of this year’s Video Summit Leipzig. It will be taught in English.

This Video Masterclass 2 is designed for those who are already comfortable making videos, but who want to know the techniques professional travel filmmakers use to impress clients and get more views. The trainers are Juliana Broste and Mike Corey, whom you might know from the web. Corey is an award-winning travel filmmaker, and his work has been featured on the BBC and the Discovery Channel.

One of his travel videos is set in Leipzig itself.

The class includes workshops on how to create interesting transitions, compose beautiful sound design, and use the best tips and tricks the filmmakers have learned over several years in the world of professional travel videos.

Basically, it is designed to take you from intermediate to advanced level.

The workshops will offer a fresh approach to filmmaking: the tools, the technology, the keyboard should all fade away. The aim of the day is to double your creativity behind the camera and the computer.

Video enthusiasts abound. (Photo © Greg Snell)
Video enthusiasts abound. (Photo © Greg Snell)

Masterclass 2: Professional Travel Filmmaking will take place from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm on Monday, 25 September.

You will need to bring a camera, a laptop and an editing program. The trainers will be working with Final Cut Pro.

You can find the full schedule and registration information for the class on the Video Summit Leipzig website.

The number of tickets is limited to 20, so Leipzig.Travel recommends getting in early. You can buy your ticket as you register on the website.

Cover photo © Greg Snell

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