Silvester parties to ward off winter funk


The Germans [in case you haven’t heard], celebrate Silvester [New Year’s Eve] with fireworks, champagne, and boisterous social gatherings. Making noise is key: the ruckus of fireworks, firecrackers, drums, whip-cracking and [oh dear] banging kitchen utensils has been driving away evil winter spirits since the days of the Germanic Teutons.” – The Local

You wouldn’t want to attract evil German winter spirits by staying in and having a quiet Silvester, now, would you? Next thing you know, your combined asses on the couch would be causing them to dump many inches of snow upon our lovely little city. And then you’d be stuck in the house against your will, and not like it.

Don’t you worry, because we’re here to help you scare off at least the spirits of boredom – which can be more evil, and more German, than the evil winter spirits. You have a big advantage on the Germanic tribes, as you’ve got access to the internet. How did they ever find out about parties without it?

Here are some Silvester parties around Leipzig to make noise at.

(Tip: Leave your pots and pans at home, as banging on them may be frowned upon.)

(Note: We cannot vouch for a party’s fun factor, or that tickets will be available. But it’s worth a try anyway. I mean, you don’t wanna be lame like me and go to sleep at 10 pm on NYE. True story. Yeah, I often anticipate the date so much that I end up disappointed. Or even too tired. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you, and that you have plenty of fab stories to tell!)


Conne Island NYE

Obvious name for a party, but the headliners’ names do make me curious: Lügia Falschkobi & The Real and The Truth, Invisible Trainstation, Bibi Pistachio, Don Ramones, Bizarre Love Triangle. And this venue is iconic for music, an institution in Leipzig, indeed. So I automatically expect good things, and weird, and unforgettable things (even drunk).

Thump thump thump thump.

Distillery Silvester in Family w/ André Galluzzi, Daniel Stefanik and more

At 25 years old, Distillery is another one of Leipzig’s traditional clubs, located in a Südvorstadt venue with makeshift charm. No frills in this one, apparently. Lots of DJs from the house itself will be throwing the NYE bash. If you’re a regular, you’ll know their names, and what to expect.

Absturz Silvester Breakdown

I’ve had plenty of Silvester breakdowns, though not in a pleasant way. I’m guessing this “breakdown” will be a lot more fun. At this one, DJs will be playing funk, soul and hip hop. There will also be “special secret guests”. My guess is as good as yours, but this venue is known for some edgy stuff. They ask you to leave your “rockets” at home, though.

Ilses Erika BoWuMiKaSa

Downstairs from one of my favorite cinemas in town, Kinobar Prager Frühling, is the “dance café” Ilses Erika, a hit among my hipster friends. I remember going there right when I moved to Leipzig, and getting a kick out of watching German people’s rituals on the dance floor. Expect to be merrily steeped in Germanness in this NYE bash. The name BoWuMiKaSa adorably stands for “Bockwurst Mit Kartoffelsalat”, which is what will be available to eat there. There will be fireworks in the yard and inside, a hit parade. I think this is a tradition of theirs at the club. It sounds lovely to me, somehow. MiKaSa, su casa?

Club Velvet Happy New Year 2018

Thank you for wishing me a Happy 2018. But do clubs think they can just write “Silvester” or “New Year” and people will flock to their parties? Maybe they’ve got a lot of regulars. But ah. They’ve got something called a “housefloor” and a “blackfloor” in this one, and ladies come in for FREE until 1 am! And there’s FREE bubbly! Sounds a bit more enticing.


So&So knallt durch x NYE

Show ’em what you’re made of!

Apparently this is the new alternative hot spot in Leipzig. And it’s in the Gohlis area! Hopefully, it will join homeLE in the mission to diversify and spice up the scene there. For NYE, they’ve got a “tropical island” buffet and special performances. They put the end time for the bash at 1 am, and I was shocked. (I mean, when I went there on a regular night, I left at around 5 in the morning, and barely remember how I got home.) I looked again, and found the second phase of the same NYE party. How hardcore are you? Can you last until 11 pm ON NEW YEAR’S DAY?


Alte Damenhandschuhfabrik ▲ Santas Hardreset // Silvester 2017 ▲

I like how “hard reset” sounds. It also scares me. Because it makes me think of a lot of booze going into one’s bloodstream and not only resetting Santa stuff, but the whole damn year. This party’s got a lot of variety and a cheap entry fee considering that it’s NYE and that you get a Pfeffi welcome shot with it. (If you enjoy drinking Listerine. I know I do.)

Not quite sure where we got this photo from.

Elipamanoke Hallo Welt!

This super popular alternative hub in Leipzig welcomes you to their world and to 2018, from 11:55 pm until 12:55 pm the next day. With DJs from their “family” and types of techno I’ve never heard of. So many names only insiders to the scene would probably know. Or maybe I’ve just been living under a rock this whole time.

Täubchental Silvesterrabatz

They promise fireworks in the yard and “a varied record box”, from 80s and 90s pop to indie, from hip-hop to house and techno. Pay 8 bucks and you can stay till midnight; pay 4 more and you can stay till 6 am.


RosaLinde Leipzig e.V. Silvesterabend

This represents the sharing spirit of Leipzig East. The gathering is open to members, their family and friends, and anyone else who might be interested. Sitting together, I’m guessing. Meeting people. Eating from a buffet provided by participants and drinking cocktails together. It’s kid- and family-friendly, and only runs from 7 pm to 12 am. So you may want to have a place in mind to continue partying at afterwards.

Around the city center (besides the Opera and Augustusplatz)

Moritzbastei Party like it’s 1999!

Lucky for me, Germans are still obsessed with Eurodance in the 2010s. I listened to that shit before I really knew what bossa nova was (and I’m from Brazil). Eurodance in a stone cellar with disco lights and booze? And alternative rock and hip hop, too? Tja, even better. Actually my NYE was quite lame in 1999, so I personally hope not to party like back then. Because I didn’t party at all. (Sad, I know. Story of my life.)

DarkFlower Silvester-Party

Ok. You know the drill by now. But what’s this one got that’s different from the others? Some food ALONG WITH bubbly included! Plus rock. But also 80s and electro. I hear the gothic crowd likes to go to this place, but not sure how gothic it will be for NYE.

Beyerhaus Silvester Latin Dinner

Fancier food at this one, probably. A four-course meal and live band for 34.99, or you can skip the meal and just party for 14.99. I’d take the meal with it – sounds like a better deal! But what’s up with the 99 cents, and not just rounding off the price? Anyway. You can hang out at dinner from 8 pm to 1 am, and if you’re still hungry for Latin vibes, head to the dance floors there or the salsa party at Sol y Mar. Into the wee hours of 2018.

Cafe Waldi Silvesterrakete

80s and 90s music on one floor, classic hip hop on the other, and 7-10 entry. Not bad. This place tends to get quite crowded even when it’s not NYE, though. If I were you, I’d get there early with some people and grab your little dance circle space.

Innside Leipzig Silvester Party at Sky Lounge & Rooftop

This is a New Year’s Eve party on the rooftop of a hotel that’s vying to become a player in the Leipzig party scene, or at least one of its tiers. It caters to yuppies. You’ve got an open bar and gourmet food included in the price for NYE, from 8 pm until 2 am. And when you get upscale stuff, you should be prepared to pay an upscale fee: €199.

Bubbly fountain.

Also: KARAOKE @ Kakadu… and TOP 40 HITS @ Werk2…

(Note 2: This is in no way a complete list of NYE bashes happening in Leipzig. Look up your favorite club, if you didn’t find it here; it may very well be having one.)

(Sources: Urbanite, flyers, Facebook)

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