Petersberg Citadel Moat
Petersberg Citadel moat - photo by Jason Smith

Memorial Bridge Photo Tour – tribute to a beloved bridge enthusiast


The original version of this article was published by Jason Smith on his blog The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles. Check it out for more bridge content! We also previously collaborated on an article about a special local bridge.

For inspiration on Leipzig, we put together a map of some of our city’s best bridges for you. From the infamous Sachsenbrücke to hidden gems like the Brücke am Palmengartenwehr: get out and your new favorite bridge!

The memorial bridgehunting tour is extended to October 31.

2021 is the year where we continue to pay homage to the great pontist James Baughn. James Baughn left a legacy in the field of historic bridges and preservation by creating the largest bridge database, He was also involved with the preservation efforts of many historic bridges and other events.

A year of tributes

Aside from what we have been doing this year with the Pic of the Week tribute and (in-person) memorial bridgehunting tours that are in the works, The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles is doing a Memorial Bridge Photo Tribute during the months of August and September for which we could need some help:

Go on a virtual bridgehunting tour

Because of Covid-19 and the difficulties of coming together for an event, we’re doing an online photo tour where photos of your favorite bridges are showcased on the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles‘ Facebook group and public page. This is how the photo tour works:

  1. Choose five bridges you want to visit that have a high degree of historic and technological significance – ones that you wish to showcase to the historic bridge and preservation community.
  2. Visit and photograph the five bridges. How you photograph them depends on your preference. As a tip: Artwork and technology go together like bread and butter.
  3. Choose one photo from each bridge you visited and lastly,
  4. Post the bridges on the Chronicles‘ Facebook pages. Please include your name, the date you photographed it, the name of the bridge, and where the structure is located.

The Memorial Bridge Tour is open to everyone (both to people in the US as well as in other countries), including those who have subscribed to the Chronicles. Those who have not yet joined the community but want to participate, should click on the links below and then subscribe. Participating and following the Chronicles is completely free.

BHC Group Page

BHC Public Page

The photo showcase started in August and will continue through September and October. The goal is to honor Mr. Baughn in a similar fashion to the Salute to Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2.

James Baughn left a legacy in the field of historic bridges and preservation by creating the largest database in He was also active in the preservation efforts with many historic bridges and other events. While it is not possible to all come together, we can honor him from near and far. All we need to do is get the camera out, find fantastic bridges and create wonderful photographs.

Please help us make this tribute to James Baughn an awesome display of all the great bridges the world has to offer. After all, we have him to thank for all that he did.

Note: Information on further events honoring James Baughn will come once they are finalized. Stay tuned for the details.

By Jason Smith

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