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Toastmasters: talk & camaraderie in Leipzig

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Meimanat Fathi, president of the English-speaking Leipzig Toastmasters. They meet every second and fourth Tuesday of the month at Basislager Coworking. (Photo © Meimanat Fathi / Toastmasters)

“Those feelings were… not easy to talk about or reveal in front of an audience. [But] the welcoming atmosphere and positive feedback encouraged and inspired me to continue.”

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Got Game: Leipzig has golf lovers covered

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Golf in Leipzig. Photo: public domain

“As someone who picked up the sport a few years ago and really enjoys playing it at clubs in Machern and Markkleeberg, I was able to get some insight into the local golf scene from the very people running these two clubs.”

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Got Game: reviving tennis in Leipzig

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©Tennisschule und Akademie Mitteldeutschland

What used to be a typical activity, with people crowding tennis courts on weekends and evenings, has now turned into a much more invisible phenomenon.

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Got Game: nurturing basketball in Leipzig

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Basketball growing in Leipzig

“Should we turn out young talented players who return to us after playing college-level basketball on a scholarship in the US, then the vision of watching professional basketball in Leipzig might again become true in the future.”

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