Lisa Renner

Born and raised in Leipzig – I kept returning to our beautiful city, became a translator and a conference interpreter for English and French. I work part-time in an architect's office and dedicate the rest of my time to LeipGlo, the Leipzig-Houston sister city association and a number of hobbies.

“not alone” – art apart against loneliness


LeipGlo contributor and artist Maeshelle West-Davies' new project "not alone" is a performative video that addresses the current restrictions on and changes to our interpersonal lives. Maeshelle sat down with us to discuss the project's unique qualities and challenges.


Covid-19 crisis deals final blow to Globetrotter hostel


Covid-19 left Leipzig's second oldest hostel, the Central Globetrotter, no choice but to shut down. Managing partner Alexander Grothe tells us about the events that led up to it, after having watched Leipzig transform from pitstop to boom town.