Nicola Seaton-Clark

Nicola Seaton-Clark is an actress and Head of Project Management at Offstimme, an international voice-over company founded by her husband, Peter. She lives in Leipzig with Peter, their two children, and two cats.

Viktor Witkowski – seeing beyond the physical


In its earlier styles, art was generally meant to represent nature. But modern art, and abstract art, in particular, has often professed to embody its operations. Thus Jackson Pollock’s celebrated affirmation: “I am nature!” Today, technological developments range from digital imaging to actual cloning of organisms. Our sense of both reality and its representation is


ETL: Gruesome Playground Injuries


Love hurts, and for some people, that’s the point. Trying to write a one-line introduction to this play has me stumped. “A skeletal outline of common events wrapped up in an uncommon friendship.” That is the closest I could get to describing ETL‘s production of Gruesome Playground Injuries, by Rajiv Joseph. It opened on 3