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Theater review – “The Mysterious Mr. Love”


LeipGlo's favorite play staged locally will be back at Neues Schauspiel in December! Here's a review of the stellar performance we attended, during its first incarnation with Peter and Nicola under Tom Bailey's direction.


Leipzig Events: The Mysterious Mr. Love, a play in English


Next week I'll go and see my first play in English in Leipzig. It's called The Mysterious Mr. Love, from English Theatre Leipzig, and it will run May 28th through 30th, starting each time at 8 p.m., at Neues Schauspiel. It's about a conman ("George Love") who tries to dupe a spinster ("Adelaide") into marrying


Mark your Leipzig arts calendar: Sofa Stories with singer, author, teacher (March 15)


The life story of Naomi Susan Isaacs sounds a bit like a music biopic, except she has done lots of other things besides singing and playing music throughout her life, and didn’t end up in Motown. Naomi was born in post-World War II London, the daughter of a pianist and ballet dancer with strict rules about musical consumption (classical

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