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From My Suitcase, Part I: “The book that broke my heart”

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No planes, no ships needed – the world cruise can be undertaken in four days, on foot, by bike, by tram to the Leipzig Book Fair.

“Last Sunday I bought an old, flea market suitcase so that I could put in it disheveled piles of books conspiring to build up yet another wall next to my bed. (…)Now, a week later, I am quite certain that these books just had to be locked up! (…)safely locked up, they cannot haunt me as when they were at large. The idea is: I will set them briefly free for review purposes and then lock them up again. (…)Let me start with the book that broke my heart.”

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Personalities: Stephanie Schmit, Ambassador of InterNations Leipzig

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Some of my fondest moments in Leipzig nightlife have come from hangouts with InterNations people, including Stephanie – who, with her bright smile, energy and very good people skills, is now the ambassador for the group’s Leipzig chapter, along with the also very nice and personable French guy Christopher Persee. I’ve asked Stephanie to tell us about her gig, experience in Leipzig and the InterNations community itself in this Q&A.

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Leipzig Events: If I were you, I would…

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…engage with refugee centers and sustainable development thinkers… go see some alternative concerts… shop at a flea market… perform at an open mic… and more! Thanks, Maeshelle, Stew and other friends for the suggestions! If you want to see your own event recommendations announced here, e-mail us at leipglo@gmail.com.

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Leipzig Events: Lose or find yourself in a variety of activities this weekend

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race, dance, relax….never a dull moment!

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Raise the Curtain for… Sophie Hunger!

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Our music columnist Sabine has Sophie Hunger’s Supermoon on repeat. You can hear why live 5 Sept.

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#MoviesOmU: Movies in English and other original foreign languages in Leipzig, August 18-25 HOT HOT HOT!

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Here’s our regular listing of films being shown in English and other original foreign languages (with labels such as OmU, OF and OV) at Leipzig cinemas for this movie week. We are now running the list each Tuesday. Although not dubbed, the movies often come with German subtitles, so you can still access the movie if you…

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