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On interning with the UN around Europe – some ins and outs, ups and downs

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It’s not necessarily easy to land an internship with the United Nations system. And it’s not only because it’s competitive and you often need to “be at the right place at the right time” or “know the right people,” but also because it’s expensive. Luckily, I had a scholarship that covered my Master studies tuition and basic living expenses, as well as some savings I had accrued over the past decade. I’d say go in with an open mind, and primarily the desire to meet interesting people from various countries and get to know new places. Everything else would be a bonus.

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Gothic fest 2015 in 69 photos

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The underground Goth world comes above ground in Leipzig every Pentecost.

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Leipzig Events: Women’s Festival, May 30

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Starting at 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 30, dance performances, jazz, pop and hip-hop, a poetry slam and other attractions will take over Marktplatz for Leipziger Frauen Festival 2015. According to Stadt Leipzig, the event aims to publicly celebrate women’s “sovereignty, individuality and joie de vivre. This festival sees itself as an impulse-giving cultural event: women conquering public space.” For more information about the Women’s Festival, the first of its kind in Leipzig, visit http://www.leipzigerfrauenfestival.de.

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Reflections on Sleep Made Sullen

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For some reason, I understood and yet didn’t understand what was spoken because in the dream I began to cry.

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Leipzig Events: Call for short films for July “wandering festival” at Leipzig west

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Next July 18, a “wandering film festival” will take place in Leutzsch, a district on the west side of Leipzig. The “wandering” part means that people will go from place to place across the district watching the short films selected for the event. It’s called Kurzfilmwanderung, a non-commercial alternative fest that apparently has happened before in Leipzig and elsewhere in Germany. If interested in participating, you’ve got 4 weeks from today to come up with a short film, of any genre or subject, of up to 20 minutes. The deadline to submit is Saturday, June 20. For participation forms and more info, visit https://kurzfilmwanderungleipzig.wordpress.com.

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The Lure of the Dark

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Included in this post is a very concise and highly personal list of definitive landmark albums of the Wave Gothic sound (with accompanying YouTube videos).

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