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Where the refugee crisis and press freedom issues meet


Besides being a humanitarian crisis, the current refugee situation also highlights limitations to press freedom in Europe.


Not-so-totally-touristy guide to Spain, Part II – Madrid

My mission in Madrid this time around, with an old like-minded friend and now a local of the city: to experience some of the best in food, drink, nightlife and general fun across Madrid's barrios, without so much of the obvious sightseeing - with a bit of work thrown in, believe it or not.


#ExpatJobs: Job vacancies for international people in Leipzig and broader region in Germany (August)

Two Sundays ago, we decided to start running a jobs post on LeipGlo in response to complaints by international people regarding the limited accessibility to info on available positions in and around Leipzig. Readers' reaction was very positive, and we have included suggestions for job ads here. We also feature some student jobs and an


Excited Musketeer fan organises gig

"People, do you know the blend of happiness and surprise after trying out something completely new and seeing that something work out well immediately? This blog post is about a recent 'something' like that and at the same time about music, spontaneity, friends and one of my favourite venues in Leipzig."


Leipzig Events: A “kitchen guerilla,” wine festival, flea markets and more shake up the first week of July


Weekly over the months of July and August, well-connected Leipzig resident Marjon Borsboom will be sharing with LeipGlo readers her picks for events in the Leipzig area - a whole array of interesting, diverse stuff. Here is the first instalment. You can find more events at http://www.Facebook.com/leipglo.



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