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ACU: American uni opens campus in Leipzig

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Despite the jet lag, there was excitement in the air for the new arrivals from Texas – and quite a few volunteer organizations on hand to tell them how they can help out in their new community.

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Still the New World: a German discovers “America”

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Old map. Public domain photo

“I left each place with fascination – and bewilderment.”

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Pennsylvania and the American presidential election

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Taking a closer look at the state of Pennsylvania reveals a lot about the political geography of the United States.

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#GoingGlocal: “Thank you for your letter,” Part IV

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“My sudden love affair with Aitmatov nearly made me flunk my German exam in tenth grade. ‘Heroes of Our Everyday Socialist Life’ was to be the topic of our written compositions. I wrote an essay about Aitmatov’s novel The Place of the Skull. [My German teacher] managed to save me from flunking. But Aitmatov saved me even more. I never again thought in clichés about Russians and the many other peoples in the gigantic empire that was soon to crumble.”

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