British traditions

The real differences between Brits and Germans?

"One of the worst things to have happened to me was in Berlin, when ordering a full English breakfast with a tough hangover. English breakfast tea was stated on the menu, only for Earl Grey to be served up; safe to say I was distraught. However, no one who I was with understood."


British expats in Leipzig react to Brexit

"They're sitting on the doorstep with tear-streaked faces, defiantly telling anyone who'll listen that they didn't want to live there anyway, but secretly feeling lost and alone. It's an image I just can't shake.”


Tea: universal language?


Our guest writer today, a Brit living in Leipzig, deconstructs "a nice cup of tea" down to its linguistic components - adding a bit of social, cultural and psychological context - and shows us a seasoned lover's understanding of the art of tea-drinking.