The magic thing about home


The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back. I put this quote, by author Wendy Wunder, to the test when I returned “home” two months ago, after almost ten years of being away. It was just a brief visit, 5 rainy days in


Art Go East biennale: to enchant


Pöge-Haus’s third contemporary art biennale, Art Go East, spread its Persian tent over Leipzig’s East from 24 to 30 October 2022. As the subheading suggests, enchantment was the intended antidote to the growing instability in our world. It featured exhibitions and interactive formats in and around the Pöge-Haus and the Galerie Hotel Leipziger Hof. These


MdbK: The Nightmare Predictor


With its new exhibition, Albtraumvorhersager, the Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts (Museum der bildenden Künste, MdbK) is bridging the divide between Leipzig’s cultured elite and its disillusioned teenagers. MdbK director, Dr. Stefan Weppelmann, spoke to the press about their first collaborative exhibition with the Leipzig youth art project, greater form. It opened on Saturday, 29


Brush up on your Greek


There’s a Latin saying, “Graeca sunt, non leguntur“, which means, “it’s Greek, it can’t be read”. Something akin to “it’s all Greek to me”. Such a difficult language, with its strange alphabet. How could one possibly learn it, right? And yet, most European languages carry a heavy burden of Greek words in their vocabulary. Even


MONAliesA – Leipzig’s feminist library


LeipGlo contributor Mascha Lange takes us through Leipzig's only feminist library MONAliesA and gives us an overview of its past and present as well as all its great inventory and projects.


Eating your way through Hanoi in 5 days


"Having had the opportunity to visit a unique and robust culture like this keeps me beaming as I relive these memories." A trove of gastronomic tips for your future trip to Hanoi. Cuz you will definitely want to go after reading this. #gastronomy #Vietnam