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Shameless: real, raw and often raunchy

in Culture / Entertainment/Stage
Liliana Velasquez (AKA) Alicia La Mandarina, photo Sven Hagolani
Liliana Velasquez (AKA) Alicia La Mandarina, photo Sven Hagolani

“‘Con confianza y Sin Verguenza’- I have always walked with my head high surrounded by misfits, free thinkers and healers. I believe this is what has lead me to the city of Leipzig.”

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Tea: universal language?

in Glocal/Philosophies
Photo credit: naama via Visual Hunt / CC BY-SA

Our guest writer today, a Brit living in Leipzig, deconstructs “a nice cup of tea” down to its linguistic components – adding a bit of social, cultural and psychological context – and shows us a seasoned lover’s understanding of the art of tea-drinking.

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German purity laws turn 500

in Leipzig on the web/Lifestyle
In celebration of the German Purity Laws, let's talk beer.

“To honor the 500th anniversary of the German Purity Laws, I’ve started a year-long series in my online column, The Flensburg Files, looking at the history of beer in Germany and trying (and recommending) beers only made in Germany.”

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Belo Horizonte, arts and culture hub

in Lifestyle/Travel
São Francisco de Assis Church, Belo Horizonte. Public Domain Photo.

“Belo Horizonte became home to charming small art galleries and a flourishing startup scene, also known as San Pedro Valley, which shook things up in the business realm of my old city. So if you have been gentrified out of Berlin or Leipzig is already too cool, that might be a feasible option.”

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How feminism killed romantic love

in Culture / Entertainment/Lifestyle
Sex-positive characters are entering the world of TV shows and beginning to challenge the concept of romantic love, marriage and kids - though there's still a long way to go. https://leipglo.com
Public domain photo

Independent, sex-loving, successful female characters in pop culture are gradually coming into the scene to challenge the image of romantic heroines devoted to children and partner.

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6 tips to learn German faster

in Glocal/Start up
Photo credit: kmoney56 via VisualHunt.com / CC BY-SA

StoryPlanet provides some tips on how to make learning German less complicated and more fun, and shares info on its ongoing crowdfunding campaign for developing a new learning tool.

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