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How feminism killed romantic love

in Culture / Entertainment/Lifestyle
Sex-positive characters are entering the world of TV shows and beginning to challenge the concept of romantic love, marriage and kids - though there's still a long way to go. https://leipglo.com
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Independent, sex-loving, successful female characters in pop culture are gradually coming into the scene to challenge the image of romantic heroines devoted to children and partner.

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The lure of open relationships

in Dating/Lifestyle/Philosophies
Where to find your next date in Leipzig.

From a young age, sex and sexuality both fascinated me and racked me with guilt. Could an open relationship be the answer?

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Poem: Evergreen

in Culture / Entertainment/Philosophies/Poetry
Evergreen: Poem about dating a younger person and the passion but also somehow tranquility of being submerged by it. (leipglo.com)
Was it good for you?

A lover? A dream? Or just nature?

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Kevin and millennial love and sex

in Philosophies/Poetry
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I met Kevin Dublin when he was 22 and I was a little bit older, I think at some university poetry event he’d invited me to in Wilmington, N.C. Me, practically still a rookie reporter but already on the verge of a burnout, a caustic combination of neurotic and hard-partying, running a newspaper-hosted poetry blog…

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