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“West Side Story” meets east side opera and ballet starting this Saturday

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The American musical classic West Side Story, which debuted on Broadway in 1957 and went on to become a Hollywood film, is coming to Leipzig as a cross-genre production of opera and ballet. It premieres at Oper Leipzig this Saturday, June 20. For more events in Leipzig this weekend, visit us at http://www.facebook.com/leipglo.

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Special: Mini-documentary on Glasgow’s Fear No Colours Theatre Group in Leipzig

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For those of you who haven’t had a chance to see the absolutely mind- and soul-shaking rendition of Cleansed by the new Glasgow-based Fear No Colours Theatre Group – and for those who’d like a glimpse into what has driven its director and actors, and shaped the characters – I’ve put together a video narrative from a backstage chat I had with them and from their performance I attended Saturday, June 13, at Leipzig’s Neues Schauspiel. Stick ’til the end of the video to hear how they liked Leipzig. https://youtu.be/3L7K4wgnb1Y

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Leipzig Events: Sunday – Glasgow actors give intensely corporeal and emotional performance at Neues Schauspiel

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A young, brave and intensely talented troupe of Glasgow actors performs Cleansed by Sarah Kane for the last time in Leipzig, at least this season, Sunday at 8 p.m. at Neues Schauspiel. I’d take the opportunity to see them if I were you; it’s the most intimate, passionate and raw theater performance I’ve ever seen. And it’s in English.

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Theater review – “The Mysterious Mr. Love”

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Characters in The Mysterious Mr. Love, production by English Theatre, Leipzig.

Our guest writer today, Leipzig-based Australian Luciana Thompson, gives a synopsis, her impressions, some surprises and general experience seeing her first theater play in English in Leipzig since moving here from Melbourne a couple years ago.

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Leipzig Events: The Mysterious Mr. Love, a play in English

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Next week I’ll go and see my first play in English in Leipzig. It’s called The Mysterious Mr. Love, from English Theatre Leipzig, and it will run May 28th through 30th, starting each time at 8 p.m., at Neues Schauspiel. It’s about a conman (“George Love”) who tries to dupe a spinster (“Adelaide”) into marrying him so he can run off with her money, but nothing goes as planned, and intrigue, drama and – perhaps even romance??? – ensue in the London of 1910.

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Ch Ch Ch Changes

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My first piece for Leipzig Zeitgeist (LZ) about Leipzig Ballet was when Mario Schröder first appeared on the scene. It felt right. I was new. The company as we now know it was new. I went to my first after party that night. I mainly watched, but I did meet some people that would enrich my life. I must say it’s a far cry from my current after party shenanigans. How many years has it been? Five! It feels like yesterday and yet, like a lifetime.

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