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Peter Piek: traveling is more than a “+”

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Music writer Sabine talks to multi-talented Peter Piek about his fifth studio album called ‘+’. 27 Mar concert at Neues Schauspiel.

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Danish writer muses on Leipzig, press freedom

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Aspiring Danish journalist Mads Haahr visited Leipzig for the first time to attend the ECPMF press freedom conference in October 2016. Photo: ECPMF/Lamm

Despite a certain initial skepticism, the city left me with more impressions to write home about than merely the matter of resin and Red Bull money.

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Leipzig: FuckUp and think up again

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Think of a royal fuckup, of the type you’ll remember years later. Australian Kate Gould has got one – involving film music legend Ennio Morricone – and she brings it to us here in Leipzig on 18 Aug.

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Eat for cheaper at closing time in Leipzig

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App shows you when and where to eat for cheap in Leipzig as restaurants give you their leftovers to counter food waste. http://leipglo.com

Local eateries will give you their leftovers for a very low price if you know when to show up. There’s an app for that, with participants in 11 countries (mostly in Europe, i.e. Germany and the UK, but also the U.S. and Australia).

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Summer school ain’t what it used to be

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There really is something for everybody at this summer school.

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