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Teresa Bergman: longing for Leipzig still

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Teresa Bergman will perform in Leipzig, her favorite city in Germany, on 31 March. Photo: Tim Rochels

Singer Teresa Bergman, from New Zealand, tells us why Leipzig is “secretly [her] favourite city in Germany,” and invites us to come see her play at Horns Erben on 31 March.

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Duckie L’Orange: the traveling puppeteer

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What do vaginas and puppets have in common? Ask Duckie when she joins Shameless at Noch Besser Leben Wed 22 March.

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“Whence do you know the happiness of fish?”

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Last night I saved the life of a fish by ordering a pizza.

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The life of a Leipzig slam poetess

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She is a slam poetess, activist, blogger and freelance model. Get to know her and what she cares about a little bit here ahead of her performance at tonight’s livelyriX poetry slam.

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