Recipe: hunting for bear (garlic)

Spring is here and we bears are slowly coming out of hibernation. How do we know it’s time? The smell of wild garlic!

Bärlauch, Bear’s Garlic, Bear’s Leek: it goes by many a name, including Allium ursine, and Leipzig’s woods are full of it! Don’t get too excited when you see a blanket of it in the woods. A German friend told me that you are free to pick some, but should only take what you can carry in your hands. Just keep an eye out for bears.

Now that you’ve got it, what to do with it? How about a nice pesto for that yummy bread only found in Germany? It’s tasty and sooooooooo easy. Kapuczino was kind enough to share his recipe.

App shows you when and where to eat for cheap in Leipzig as restaurants give you their leftovers to counter food waste.

Bärlauch Pesto


1 liter sunflower oil

250 grams sunflower seeds

1 Tbl salt

As much Bärlauch as you can carry in your hands

Tip: You can also use olive oil and almonds or pine nuts and Parmesan


Roast nuts or seeds in pan without oil.

In a bowl, finely chop wild garlic and oil a little at a time (most people use a blender or a hand blender).

Add sunflower seeds and salt and blend.

Fill sterilised jars and store in a cool dry place to keep for up to 6 months…. hahahahaha, right (wink).

Stewart says he also does one using sesame seeds and ginger.



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