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A football lover’s wet dream

in Sports
The world's most beautiful football: Euro Cup! Copa America! Commentary from
By jikatu - flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0 license

The Copa America Centenario started and the UEFA Euro Cup is coming up! What an amazing time to be alive!!

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Wally loves life

in Arts/Leipzig
Leipzig Oper soloist Wallis Giunta loving Leipzig, photo- maeshelle west-davies for Leipglo

Opera brought her here. Leipzig is making her want to stay.

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Sadiq Khan: A fresh face in London

in Opinion/Politics
By Diliff - Own work, CC BY 3.0,

His election is a milestone in UK politics that may well equal that of the first female Prime Minister.

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Poem: Dear Truman

in Poetry
Jim Carey, who played the role of Truman. By Noemi Nuñez -, CC BY-SA 2.0.

Moments that used to be precious only to us are now precious to everyone – and no one. The trend is passed down.

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First week-end of summer?

in Events
Theater. Open air movie. Comedy in English. Flea market. Latin night. Plenty of live music. Erasmus party. Gotta love our Leipzig, even if summer's short - and elusive. Let us hope it comes, and in the meantime have as much fun as possible!
Girl at sunset. Public domain photo.

Let us hope… and in the meantime, have as much fun as possible in Leipzig!

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“Love” according to Judd Apatow

in Reviews/TV
Now, Apatow presents Love to Netflix audiences. At first, I refused to watch it precisely because of the title. The theme is trite, to say the least. But I should've known better. As I'd come to find out, Love offers a more realistic portrayal of love than pretty much any romantic comedy I've seen before, on the big or small screen. Apatow, the series's writer and producer, has outdone himself.
Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust star in the Netflix series "Love." Image from

The final season is now out on Netflix!

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