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Most of us have been there before. Job-related anxiety and depression may creep on slowly, but it eats you up until sometimes you can’t recognize yourself anymore. Some respond with passive-aggression, others with aggression. Some feel numb, or paralyzed. Or all of the above, depending on the stage of the descent.

Public domain photo
Public domain photo

Whatever the triggers – be it job insecurity, hours that don’t match up with your internal clock, a tyrannical boss, workplace discrimination, the lack of a job itself – you know the situation is unsustainable in the long run. Having heard from many facing a similar ordeal, we decided to try something new for our second career fair.

We matched employers with about 100 internationally-minded job-seekers from various backgrounds, living in Leipzig or nearby.

Those attendees are getting at least one appointment with an employer during our 6-hour career fair on Friday, 24 May. We figured that asking potential employers and job-seekers to fill out a survey with what they’re looking for would increase the chances of success. The results allowed us to match up candidates with all 11 companies that filled out the form. Others decided to skip the direct matching.

All job-seekers coming to our career fair can still visit employers they were not matched with during our curatorial process. There are plenty of them – with more than 20 exhibitors in total – and there will be available slots with the employers that did get matches. That includes The Leipzig Glocal (us!), which wants to use the occasion of its job fair to launch a new cooperative model.

You should come over, too, if you’re interested in seeing what’s out there. Even if you didn’t fill out a survey or hadn’t heard about this job fair before. For one, you don’t have to worry about there being enough space or about not being able to afford a ticket.

The Leipzig Glocal Job Fair venue, the centrally located LVZ Kuppel (dome), has capacity for 300 people at once, and you get in for free – we just ask that you sign up via our partner event, Startup SAFARI, which has other business-related sessions around town.

Our job fair will offer drinks at a very modest price, in an informal atmosphere. No need to dress up formally; casual nice is just fine.

There are rumors one company will bring a pile of chocolate bars, and another a wheel of fortune.

To come prepared, you can read up on the companies, startups and founders (when info is available) and take your CV. Here’s our list of very diverse job fair exhibitors (besides Techniker Krankenkasse, our generous job fair partner once again subsidizing the participation of startups and small businesses or non-profits):

That’s right. We’ve got tech, a restaurant, a walking tour, a jewelry (accessories) maker, teaching institutions, a startup accelerator, entrepreneurs looking for their business soulmates, and more. They will be there aiming to turn your frown upside down and find their dream employees, too.

Looking forward to seeing you this Friday!

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Leipzig Glocal Job Fair 2 flyer. ©
Leipzig Glocal Job Fair 2 flyer. ©

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