Happy Leipzig Pub Crawl: game on this Saturday


Happy Leipzig Pub Crawl


Start: 20:00 (8 PM) at Five Elements Hostel bar, Kleine Fleischergasse 8, 04109 Leipzig

Venues: Five Elements Hostel | Basislager Coworking | Uptown Coffee Bar | Chocolate

Price: 15 EUR in cash – includes welcome drinks, Flunkyball beer, all games, and free club entry

Capacity: Maximum 30 people – first-come, first-served

Advance ticketsVisit the Facebook page

Our story

The idea for our Happy Leipzig Pub Crawl developed slowly. We’d heard talk of there being one in town – but happening very sporadically. As regularly drinking (g)locals, it didn’t really cross our minds to have someone guide us from pub to pub. We’d gotten used to hopping (or crawling) ourselves, from one bar to another, plenty in one night.

Leipzig Pub Crawl
It’s not like we need an excuse to get together and drink, but any extra encouragement is welcome. Photo by Dragos Timofte

Then it began dawning on me: appointments! I’d often like to get a bunch of friends together to hang out at a bar, but unless I let them all know in advance, it’s not likely to happen. We’re all so busy, and we live in Germany, the land of appointments.

So why not organize a pub crawl ourselves, as we do our Cocktail Open Mic – to get our friends in one event having fun and making new acquaintances from different circles, and bring new people into the mix?

It’d be on a regular basis, perhaps every week… like a recurring appointment! Aha. We had a couple of test runs with friends. A dozen came each time. They liked it and said they’d do it again!

Leipzig Pub Crawl
Happy Leipzig Pub Crawl: the face of a satisfied friend after an evening of drink and games. Photo by Dragos Timofte

“And why not invite tourists?” said Matej Eber, of Free Walking Tour Leipzig. Ah, right. That’s the purpose pub crawls are originally thought to serve. That’s when I myself went on pub crawls, in cities around Europe. Leipzig’s lacking this, and tourists would appreciate it.

He can tell his walking tour visitors during the day that they have someone to take them around to bars in the evening. Sounds good to me. People can play games during the pub crawl and further bond that way. We also tried this part out with our friends, and they had a lot of fun.

“Good idea, Matej! I would just have sat around and guzzled Pils and talked about increasingly weird shit all night.” So Matej has partnered up with us to organize the pub crawl: his tourist-geared brain with our local-geared spirit.

The Happy Leipzig Pub Crawl developed as organically as the open mic, and LeipGlo itself.

To make a long story short, this event was conceived from a mosaic of little chats and often random encounters only later found out to be meaningful and interestingly synchronized. Often over beers and cocktails, often at night.

Some of the seeds definitely sprouted from our meeting and chatting with Moody, the cocktail master and bar manager at Five Elements Hostel. We stumbled upon the hostel bar one night when there was nothing else open in the city center, and before we knew, it had become the LeipGlo crew’s hangout after each open mic across the road at Baileo.

Leipzig Pub Crawl
Leipzig Pub Crawl, second test run, at Five Elements. Photo by Dragos Timofte

One evening, Moody happened to show up at my go-to bar in Südvorstadt, Uptown Coffee Bar. I made a verbal agreement with him and Gregory, Uptown’s owner, to start a pub crawl including their venues.

Moody took it upon himself to help us find other venues where we could get good deals, and where large groups would be welcome. He talked to Chocolate, which neighbors Five Elements, and we went there for the first official Happy Leipzig Pub Crawl. We are partying there again this time! We also have a pit-stop at Basislager Coworking, where we will drink beer and play Flunkyball outdoors, weather permitting.

Leipzig Pub Crawl
Leipzig Pub Crawl, outside Uptown, second test run. Photo by Dragos Timofte

So we hope you will join us this Saturday in a vibe of openness, randomness and friendliness, to drink together, play games and even make new friends!


A Global Studies doctoral degree holder and former newspaper reporter, avid eater, pseudo-philosopher and poet, occasion-propelled singer, semi-professional socializer, movie addict, Brazilian-American nomad. In this space, she will share some of her experiences and (mis)adventures regarding various topics, with special attention to social issues.

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