Fun Friday online meetup: free-flowing writing


Being Seen and Building Confidence with Discovery Writing

By Maggy Navin

There is power in writing your creative vastness into form. You surprise yourself at how vast you really are. The glimpses that you catch—and the lucky folks you share it with—are changed as a result.

If you consider yourself a writer, a non-writer, an aspiring writer, a kinda-sorta-sometimes-writer, or a person who thinks about writing more than, well, writing: please join us for an hour of inspiring connection and creation in honor of all that you have to offer to our world. We’re waiting for you to bring it, and I think you are too.

We meet from 3 to 4:30 pm (Leipzig time) online this Friday, July 23rd – read on to find out more!

Discovery Writing flyer
Event flyer from the author

Here’s how it works:

  • We will all be given the same sentence prompt or open-ended topic and will write into it—ideally by hand—for a set amount of time. Note: these prompts are not journalistic, although you are welcome to take them in that direction. These are starting points for writing along the lines of creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, or styles that defy genre. It’s a discovery!
  • When the timer ends, we will enter breakout rooms to read our writing aloud with a few other people. Love note to reserved or introverted people like myself: You always have the option to pass on reading. During this time, there’s no feedback, no judging of quality, or qualifying our writing in any way. Pure sharing followed by a thank you. We’re going to stay in the flow of creating over evaluating.
  • Back to the large group again! We begin the process over with a fresh prompt.

After writing, we’ll have some time to hang out across various breakout rooms. You will leave having filled up some pages and your inspiration tank.⠀

This is a collective and emergent experiment in creativity. You’ll get intimate with the art of inquiry, the patience called for in a creative practice, and the joy of spontaneous expression in community.

TO JOIN: Sign up via THIS LINK. I will send you the Zoom info about an hour before the event.

Please note: Sign up closes on Thursday, July 22nd, at 9 pm. This is so that we can know who and how many participants are attending.

*This gathering is completely free*

By participating, you agree to the Conditions of Gathering described HERE (scroll down).

Any questions? Please write to me at

About your host:

Maggy (@regardingdew) is a daily practitioner of creative vulnerability, a systems thinker, and an accidental bird of passage currently based out of Leipzig. She is the founder of the creative studio Regarding Dew. Regarding Dew offers gatherings, writing workshops, and a garden of wisdom and resources through a series of online letters. This work is in service of being creatively seen and celebrated in our multiplicity and sweet humanness.

Her work also includes Gentle Musings, a series of essays, prompts, monthly “harvests” and audios. Gentle Musings explores how themes of gumption, belonging, desire, wonder, and fulfillment exist within the shared and idiosyncratic space of everyday culture. Most basically, Gentle Musings is all about welcoming the fullness of life again and again—gently.

As the passion projects of a recovering wallflower, Regarding Dew and Gentle Musings are a creative practice of personal liberation and seek to offer the same to you as we each step through this sublime experience of being alive.

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