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Stewart Tunnicliff and his poetry

in Arts/Poetry
Poetry and prose

Our first guest blogger is Stewart Tunnicliff, a Brit and a glocal who loves Leipzig, been here 14 years and (for sure) counting. Stew does a lot of things in this community, often dealing with sharing the power of words and communications – a lead in Leipzig Writers and Trans Lingo; an organizer and avid promoter…

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Gentrification: the death of Karl Heine?

in My Leipzig/Opinion
wild flowers in Plagwitz photo by maeshelle west-davies

We saw the trophy girlfriends and the tight, white t-shirts of Audi owners who were now parking on the street.

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The real differences between Brits and Germans?

in Philosophies
Germans vs. Brits
Outdoor culture in Leipzig. (Photo courtesy of Son Kemal)

“One of the worst things to have happened to me was in Berlin, when ordering a full English breakfast with a tough hangover. English breakfast tea was stated on the menu, only for Earl Grey to be served up; safe to say I was distraught. However, no one who I was with understood.”

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Glocal spotlight: Kuba the comedian

in Glocal/My Leipzig
The Polish Kuba dedicates himself to a show on Radio Blau, stand-up comedy with the Shameless troupe, and a 9-to-5 job.
Kuba performs stand-up. Photo by Daniel Louis Vezza.

Never getting into German comedy could be what nudged the Polish Kuba into English stand-up.

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Why do we blog? (A photo story)

in Leipzig on the web/Philosophies

Rather than a way to escape “real” life for me, it’s ended up becoming a way to enhance it.

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