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Lito Seizani contributes giving personal insights into being an “every-day tourist.”

3 existential poems: tourist, victim, phoenix

in Philosophies/Poetry
existential poems
Urban art. Public domain photo.

If taken together and interpreted a certain way, these poems may paint the picture of an individual who is discovering that depending on external validation is a dead-end; the small moments and aspects of ourselves we learn to treasure are what matters.

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Leipzig Book Fair inspires book fever

in Events/Fairs/Literature/What's on
Leipzig Book Fair. From
Leipzig Book Fair. From

Better to have one book in your hand as well as many flying around in your head. If you like cosplay, this is also the week for you.

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Rembrandt: sun in the firmament of art

in Arts/History

In 2019, the Netherlands honors its national treasure Rembrandt, 350 years after his death. What makes his art so great?

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Character: as flawed as the ancient Greeks’

in Literature/Philosophies
Statue of the Greek god Poseidon. (Photo: public domain)
Statue of the Greek god Poseidon. (Photo: public domain)

Which is your character archetype, according to Theophrastus?

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A rather Freudian and ghoulish song

in Dating/Music
A song of blind romantic love, motherhood, and cold vanity. (Public domain photo)
Public domain photo

“It is often our friends or our mother who warn us against a bad romantic choice. Sometimes our love is so strong that we prefer to sacrifice the mother, go against her, and kill her metaphorically.”

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Leather, paper, feather – castles

in History/Literature/Travel
  • Moritzburg.jpg?fit=1020%2C576&ssl=1
    Moritzburg Castle, Germany. (Photo: Lito Seizani)
  • schwerin-castle.jpg?fit=1020%2C576&ssl=1
    Schwerin Castle, Germany. (Photo: public domain)
  • Ludwigslust.jpg?fit=1020%2C576&ssl=1
    Ludwigslust Palace, Germany. (Photo: Lito Seizani)

Renaissance and Baroque surprises lie just a train ride (or a few) away.

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