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Lito Seizani contributes giving personal insights into being an “every-day tourist.”

Leipzig: between heaven and hell

in Leipzig
A little glimpse of heaven at Leipzig's Bach Museum, photo by Lito Seizani

Leipzig’s fine balance between heaven and hell.

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Poems: the door to the soul?

in Philosophies/Poetry
Photo credit: yeahbouyee via / CC BY 2.0

What is best when shared? A taxi, food? Words, thoughts, perceptive perspectives. Lito Seizani shares poetic observations with us.

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Karl’s what??

in Travel

Karlsruhe used to be one of the most beautiful cities in Germany before the war. Its name is connected to its history. It actually means “Karl’s repose,” and according to legend, the name was given to the new city after a hunting trip when Margrave Charles III William of Baden-Durlach woke from a dream in which he…

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Becoming a tourist at home

in Leipzig/Travel

“I am always a tourist, whether I go on a trip abroad or when I am walking in old familiar places of my childhood.”

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The House of Dürer

in Culture / Entertainment/Travel
Self-portrait by Dürer, mural displayed at the museum in Nürnberg. Photo courtesy of Lito Seizani.

Planning a visit to Nürnberg? Here’s why you should put the Albrecht-Dürer-Haus in your itinerary.

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Bad Kissingen: island without sea

in Lifestyle/Philosophies/Travel

Reflections on the twlight of life at Bad Kissingen, “a Mykonos for the old, a Mallorca in Germany, an island without sea.”

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