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Harald Köpping Athanasopoulos has 34 articles published.

Harald grew up in Großpösna, a village just outside the boundaries of Leipzig, but it is only after living elsewhere for four years that he really came to appreciate the city he was born. He is an idealist, a Christian, a socialist, a Europeanist, and, above all, a true Leipzig-lover. He will write about Leipzig’s history and politics, both of which are rather inaccessible to our English-speaking audience.

Remain resolution on Brexit

in Philosophies/Politics

Harald summons everything from the Ice Age to David Beckham to tell us why the UK should remain.

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Will we ever reach the stars?

in Society/Travel
Harald has asked before: Are the stars humanity's destiny?

“The idea that we are incapable of reaching beyond the solar system allows me to sleep at night.”

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Brexit poetry: Please stay

in Poetry/Politics
The Leipzig Glocal has gauged the reaction of British expats in Leipzig to Brexit.
The Leipzig Glocal has gauged the reaction of British expats in Leipzig to Brexit. Photo graphic by Maeshelle West-Davies.

Harald begs Britain to stay.

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No flag for me

in Opinion/Sports
The difference between nationalism and fan culture is obscure.

“Everywhere else displaying your flag is normal, but when Germans do it, they call us Nazis,” some flag wavers claim.

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The revival of a rural east German village

in My Leipzig/Travel

A tourism gem waiting to be discovered.

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RB Leipzig in 7th football heaven

in Leipzig/Sports
Leipzig's Red Bull Arena
Leipzig's Red Bull Arena. home to RB Leipzig

Score! RB Leipzig advances to the Bundesliga!

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