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Stimmen der Frauen


Stimmen der Frauen (Voices of Women) is the latest project of renowned pianist and multimedia artist, Dr. Michiko Saiki. Dr. Saiki holds a DMA in contemporary music from Bowling Green University in Ohio. She has worked with artists, composers, and musicians from around the world. Amongst others, these include Arthur Kampela, Stuart Saunders Smith, Eiko


Glitch AG Looks at why Women Protest


HIM: “Can you help me?” HER: “I can try.” HIM: “Where’s (mumble)Street?” HER: “I’m sorry. I don’t know.” HIM: “Do you have a boyfriend?” HER: “That’s not really relevant.” HIM: “Do you want to go for a drink?” HER: “No, thank you.” HIM: “Are you a prostitute?” HER: “No.” HIM: “Do you need money?” HER:


Trajal Harrell strength through vulnerability: euro-scene 2021


LeipGlo contributor and artist Maeshelle West-Davies shares her experience with Trajal Harrell's dance piece The Köln Concert as well as some insights on the euro-scene festival and its new director Christian Watty.


LeipGlo events round-up: theatre, music and hammocks


We have another events round-up for you from our popular events calendar. From concerts to theatre to workshops, we want to make sure everyone finds a great opportunity that fits their needs to get back out and participate in Leipzig's vibrant community life.


west-davies reminds us we are not alone


Our physical realities are increasingly becoming more disparate from any preconceived idea of what we may have expected out of real life. Not that this is necessarily something to be sad about. As with west-davies’s work, it exists and demands to exist within a multiverse, expanding with each rendition and playback it may take, through


SWDC: Dance connecting to you LIVE!


Sebastian wanted to hang with the cool guys. Those guys were the best in tap. Now he is continues the tradition with his Sebastian Weber Dance Company (SWDC).

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