Björk’s “Cornucopia” and the dream of a sustainable future


Like her character in "Dancer in the Dark," Björk turns a tragedy into a musical in "Cornucopia." The iconic genre-bending artist is able to stare over the edge of the cliff with a stubborn hope as we all hurtle towards it. We attended her concert in Leipzig on 24 November and share our insights with


AnthropScene acts on sustainability

The future for Planet Earth may just look a little brighter thanks to an initiative hosted by English Theatre Leipzig (ETL) that seeks to creatively connect theatre and science.


Linda Marwan asks: “Do lizards dream of a higher purpose?”

Do lizards dream of a higher purpose?" by Linda Marwan, on display in Reudnitz, considers the relationship between humans, nature and AI.


Galápagos: A lifelong dream becomes reality

Leipziger Chrissy Orlowski spends a week on a Galápagos boat tour and reports back about her lifelong dream and how it became an adventure.