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Dunkel. Dreckig. Reudnitz. Martin.

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Portrait of Martin Meißner, the blogger behind Dunkel. Dreckig. Reudnitz. (Photo: Stefan Hopf)

The 30-year-old behind one of Leipzig’s most popular online pages talks about his creation, takes us to some of his favorite local spots, and tells us why he and others are deciding to settle down in Reudnitz.

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Waking up to a new face

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If you’re a regular reader of The Leipzig Glocal, the new face you’ll see tomorrow when you wake up and go for your morning (or afternoon?) dose of glocalness may look very nice but very different from what you’re used to. We hope we have injected it in all the right places to enhance your…

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“Lost in Leipzig” with Dave Murphy

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Meet Dave Murphy, fellow Leipzig lover and founder of the English-language site Lost in Leipzig.

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Glocal spotlight: Gaia Manco, “The Leipziger”

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Interview with Gaia Manco, founder of The Leipziger. https://leipglo.com

“I am a Wahlleipzigerin, and I’d like to say I always will be. Leipzig is particularly meaningful to me because moving to Leipzig meant moving in together with my husband Frank. It sounds super traditionalist to say it this way, but my husband and I never really lived together until after we got married. We simply didn’t live in the same country and sometimes not even in the same continent!
We chose Leipzig because it was a city where we, with our poorly paid intellectual professions, could live well. Much better than in England, where I lived at the time!”

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