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Cézanne and Zola: turbulent but lasting bond

in Arts/Movies/Reviews

“The quiet Zola, son of a poor seamstress, and the explosive, rich Cézanne, will compete for the heart of the same woman, whom each will call by a different name.” Peek into their friendship in a movie playing in Leipzig.

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Poem: Baras’s “The Sorrows of the Dockyard”

in Poetry
Baras poetry: Here Lito Seizani, who is originally from Greece, pays homage and opens us a window into the Greek poet's characteristic work, with her translation of one of his ship-related pieces. https://leipglo.com
Old ship. Public domain photo.

Perhaps she was falling asleep in hope/Of escaping the evening boredom of the docks

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Poem review (and musings): Dear Truman

in Poetry/Reviews
Inspired by Ana Beatriz Ribeiro's poem "Dear Truman" posted on this webzine, Christijan Broerse writes a review drawing from works by famous literary figures of the past while reflecting on the state of contemporary life and the pervasiveness of social media, the commodification of personal moments. https://leipglo.com
Literature and modern times. Public Domain Photo, Pixabay.

“The review is interesting in that it becomes a stepping stone to shed light on his contemporary world.”

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Poems: the door to the soul?

in Philosophies/Poetry
Photo credit: yeahbouyee via Visualhunt.com / CC BY 2.0

What is best when shared? A taxi, food? Words, thoughts, perceptive perspectives. Lito Seizani shares poetic observations with us.

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Countdown2Buchmesse: Tips for budding authors and avid readers

in Leipzig
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“With artists flocking here annually, there are sure to be many authors or writers working in English in their midst, looking for a home and place to promote themselves in Eastern Germany’s famous publishing hub.”

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Buchmesse: Rollin’ with Tumbleweed

in Culture / Entertainment

“This is a comedy, terse, sensual and romantic, with a moving love story underpinning the hero’s adventures.” – opening at Poniatowski on March 19th.

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