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A cathartic poem: Leaving Lethe

in Literature/Poetry
A cathartic poem
Látrabjarg (Photo: Elisabeth Winkler)

Leaving Lethe by Elisabeth Winkler is a poem about avoiding difficult decisions and overthinking, with an introduction by the author.

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Ride the wave: random poem Tuesdays

in Poetry
Ripple. Poetry wave
Ripple. Poetry wave. Public domain photo

“So maybe this random poem found on a Tuesday still means something to me. And maybe it will speak to you, too.”

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Vox Lux: provocation pop star

in Movies/Music/Reviews
Stress can turn into illness
Photo by StockSnap on Pixabay

Watch as the sole survivor of a school mass shooting goes viral on YouTube and rises to pop stardom, singing songs written by Sia.

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Exit Stage Right: ETL’s daring cacophony of farewells

in Community/Reviews/Theater
Exit Stage Right
Public domain photo

A bit of tough love for the folks at English Theatre Leipzig.

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A rather Freudian and ghoulish song

in Dating/Music
A song of blind romantic love, motherhood, and cold vanity. (Public domain photo)
Public domain photo

“It is often our friends or our mother who warn us against a bad romantic choice. Sometimes our love is so strong that we prefer to sacrifice the mother, go against her, and kill her metaphorically.”

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Luxembourg: a poetic time capsule

in Poetry/Travel

Luxembourg, 1979 – from the pen and perspective of an Australasian poet, in English & auf Deutsch.

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