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Sex and Science in Robert Thornton’s Temple of Flora

in History/Literature/Philosophies
Plant science and sex
The birds and the bees... public domain photo

Did fervent plant science herald a sexual revolution?

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Space: Are we alone after all?

in Events/Philosophies
Are we alone in space?
Are we alone in space? photo public domain

Our LeipGlo columnist Dr. Harald Köpping Athanasopoulos will address this and other burning space related questions this Wednesday, 12 April, when he speaks at the Club International’s English Lounge.

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Train your brain to be happier in 2017

in Lifestyle

Happiness is easier than you think.

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The renaissance of space exploration

in Society/Travel

This is an unprecedented moment in human history: The discovery of life on another world is likely to occur within our lifetime.

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The future of Kunstkraftwerk

in Cityscapes/Culture / Entertainment

The overall feeling is not one of decay, but of renewal.

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