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Cordoba-inspired travel poetry


Journey through Córdoba, Spain - an ancient city that has stayed close to his heart in its hybridity, faded glory and simple pleasures.


A first-time tourist in Germany

I traveled to Germany as tourist for the first time in March 2009, from the United States, spontaneously and without much preparation. I did buy a guidebook, but barely read it; mostly just made a line on the map with a highlighter linking the cities I’d like to fit into a whirlwind 6 days. I


My emergency airplane landing

A positive story involving a difficult situation aboard an airplane in Europe.


Thought of the day: On traveling differently


Some years back, when I was living in Wilmington, North Carolina, I decided to take a Saturday Chinese class (confession alert!) because I wanted to meet a certain cute guy I’d seen at a Chinese community party and who I knew must be taking one of the courses. But also a little because I wanted


Probably my worst travel experience ever

Ok, my travel companion and I didn't get physically hurt and no objects were stolen from us. But our sanity was temporarily stolen, or lost, or both. I had never felt so wretched while traveling, and I do travel quite a bit. Bad karma, or something, hit us at that point and there was nothing

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